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Loft Investment Properties offers a high-tech approach to locating and presenting properties to investors. With experience in all fields of investment real estate, we are dedicated to the highest standards of practice for our clients. We are a reliable alternative for rehabbers to acquire properties you have already been pre-screened, objectively evaluated for repairs, negotiated to the absolute best price, and ready for acquisition. Landlords, we will find you the best deals for your property portfolio. Loft Investment Properties provides professional expertise in investment real estate.

If you want access to Wholesale Real Estate Deals, simply fill out the contact form and be ready to take action! Loft Investment Properties is a seasoned investment company with an extensive network in the marketplace. This allows us to find those “needle in a haystack” deals with incredible terms at below-market prices. Loft Investment Properties is for investors who know a golden opportunity when they see one and are ready to close fast. Sign up now to gain access to our exclusive membership benefits.

We pay cash for houses using private investors and offer a great rate of return which is secured by a deed of trust, note, and equity. In addition to passive income and growth, we also offer excellent opportunities if you are seeking to buy or sell investment property.


After providing us with information about your business and the types of properties you are looking for, we will tailor a marketing plan targeted to the specific criteria you desire! The more details we have about your plan, the better we will be able to help you succeed. Our deals typically go fast … be prepared to take action!

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We will notify you of opportunities which meet your investment criteria and provide as much information as possible about the property including the estimated after-repair value, comparable sales, our opinion on repair costs based on your exit strategy, detailed property information, photos, and more. That said, ultimately you are responsible for due diligence.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing investors with real estate services which meet their needs. By keeping up with the current market, financial trends, and offering outstanding service, we have earned a reputation for integrity, honesty, and a true concern for our clients.